Physio has been crucial to help keep me riding at my best! I can't do my horses justice If I'm in pain or my muscles aren't working.


Hannah is able to work out where I am stiff and what muscles need to work in relation to my riding.

 After physio with Hannah I have less pain, feel more even and I can be more accurate with my aids.  Thank you Hannah! 

Charlotte Dujardin CBE - Olympic Gold Medalist
Nici Wilson
4* Event Rider

I ruptured my acromioclavicular ligament in my shoulder, which required reconstructive surgery. Hannah was great and understood I needed to keep riding until the end of the eventing season, so settled it down as quickly as possible and strapped it so I could use my arm to ride.  I had surgery in the Winter and used the off season to build up my movement and strength. I was ready to go in the spring & am very greatful for Hannahs' help! 

Nici Wilson
4* Event Rider
Lauren Medcalf - 2* Event Rider 

I work with horses full time - mucking out, riding, breaking, eventing, and showjumping. It has its risks and over the years I've had my fair share of injuries! A broken leg, fractured shoulder blade, snapped collarbone (twice) are some of the more serious injuries so as you can imagine I'm pretty wonky!


I've had physio with Hannah throughout these various injuries and although it can be incredibly frustrating to miss out on events and riding, Hannah always gets me back on board as soon as it is safe to & we work on reducing the compensation from injuries to get me as balanced and even as possible!

Lauren Medcalf
2* Event Rider

Riding so many big moving horses on a daily basis really takes its toll.  I have regular physio with Hannah to help keep me pain-free and riding as evenly as possible. Hannah is great in an emergency and will always try to fit me in before competitions or sometimes come to shows to do a pre-riding session to get my muscles woken up and ready to ride!   At this level, every mark counts! 

Alice Oppenheimer International Dressage Rider

I injured my knee badly in a skiing accident and was recommended to Hannah following an ACL reconstruction with orthopaedic consultant Niall Flynn 2 years ago.  Hannah was a life saver for me, both physically and mentally. I have ridden all my life and was very keen to return to riding as soon as I could.  Hannah has a real "can-do" attitude and is positive whilst realistic and reassuring. She gave me the confidence to get back in the saddle and got me through the low points when I seriously wondered if I would ever get there!! I now ride regularly and attend weekly rider Pilates sessions with Hannah, I would thoroughly recommend her! 

Catherine Dunford
Mum, Groom & Leisure Rider
Lauren Medcalf - 2* Event Rider 

Like Many riders I have suffered from back pain for years. This was recently made worse following a couple of horse falls which resulted in a broken collarbone and a fractured pelvis.  As a rider herself who competes regularly, Hannah understood immediately the pain I was experiencing and how best to treat it. Without her treatment, I would not be the "Galloping Grannie" I am today! 

Sara Ashcroft
"Galloping Grannie"
Maddy Taylor
3* Event Rider

Since a life change from working full time with horses to full time in an office I've noticed my body doesn't do what it used to!


As a rider herself, Hannah can immediately relate to issues that affect my riding which is a real help. She can identify where I have tightened up & we do all sorts of fun and challenging exercises to keep me fit to event & reduce any niggles from my new desk bound work.  


Maddy Taylor
 3* Event Rider

I've always had issues with my shoulder and been to lots of different healthcare professionals to try and help, with little success.  When I saw Hannah she found the root cause of the problem and as a rider herself, I felt she could really understand my issues!  I was amazed at the improvement after physio & am working hard to re-train my muscles not to creep back into bad habits formed from years of riding and the associated yard work! I felt the difference riding straight away! 

Katy Dziedzic
2* Event Rider & Instructor

I first saw Hannah a week after surgery for a broken ankle from a fall eventing. Physio made the most incredible difference. Hannah kept so positive and had me back walking in our first session! She gave me plenty of exercises to practise at home and when I was ready I joined a rider Pilates with Hannah to get back to full fitness, which was great fun!  I can't thank Hannah enough as without physio I think I would still be limping around! 

Rosie Geaves
Junior Event Rider