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We have some fantastic online courses available for riders! During COVID-19 I teamed up with a colleague, Nikki McSweeney, from Rider Elite Physiotherapy to bring you the best home classes we could offer. We now have a great library of pilates and fitness sessions to get you riding fit at home. These are perfect to start your journey into Pilates or fitness, or even as part of a rehab program after an injury. You can do the sessions in your own time so you can work them around your busy lives, and you don't even have to leave your house!


Here is what we have on offer:

  • 3 Week Rider Pilates course (Part 1 and Part 2): Suitable for all. A great introduction to Pilates for riders with a gentle start gradually increasing in difficulty through the 3 weeks. You will have 2x 30-minute sessions each week to complete. You can try the first 3 weeks and if you enjoy it, continue the course with part 2 which progresses your strength, balance, reactions and flexibility. 

  • 3 Week Rider Pilates & Fitness (Part 1 and Part 2): Suitable for all. You will receive the same Pilates sessions as above, with an extra 30-minute rider-specific fitness session each week! If you have enjoyed the first 3 weeks, you can again upgrade to the full 6-week course and purchase part 2 to continue! , 

  • 6-week option of the pilates or the pilates and fitness course. If you are feeling brave, you can go for the whole 6-week course to really up your game! 


  • 3 Week Pilates part 1 or part 2: £18 (6 sessions + 1x bonus session)

  • 3 weeks Pilates & Fitness part 1 or part 2: £25 (9 sessions + 1x bonus session)

  • 6 week Pilates course: £30 (12 sessions plus 2x Bonus sessions!)

  • 6 week Pilates & Fitness course: £40 (18 sessions plus 2x bonus session)

If you would like to purchase one of these courses please use the link below!