Keep on top of those niggles


Let's sort out those aches & pains! 

We communicate with our horses through subtle body movements and transfer of weight.  We train them to be responsive to our aids and work towards achieving an independent seat that allows the horse to respond to us accurately.  


If we are stiff on one side, feel wonky, have one leg weaker than the other or struggle to stay in balance with the horse, that communication link between horse and rider is less effective. 

Rider Focus Physio can help identify postural habits and compensations while riding, loosen tight muscles and improve muscle imbalance with hands-on treatment and specific exercises that relate directly to you and your riding.  By improving postural habits & reducing compensations we can improve how you communicate with your horse.


As well as treating those everyday aches and pains, Rider Focus Physio has an incredibly experienced team who work closely with top orthopaedic consultants to provide first class pre and post-operative rehabilitation for any type of surgery. Riders are notorious for picking up nasty injuries and we are here to make sure you get the best out of your rehab!