Liz has worked around Hampshire and Surrey for over 27 years as a saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers and as an Animal Physiotherapist.

Liz has branched out and successfully completed her human osteopathy degree. During this degree, Liz gained a qualification in Soft Tissue Therapy and Kinesiology taping, which she is putting to good use while she continues to qualify as an Osteopath. 

Liz runs her own business, Back in the Saddle, where she is in the unique position to be able to treat the horse, fit the saddle and treat the rider! What a magic combination! 

With such a wealth of experience in the equestrian industry I am very excited that Liz will be joining the Rider Focus team initially as a soft tissue therapist and then once Liz has completed her degree, as an Osteopath working with riders.  We are excited to work together to provide more comprehensive rider performance sessions, where we can look at the magic triad of factors that create optimal comfort and performance for horse and rider!

For more information about Liz’s saddle fitting or Animal physiotherapy appointments - please contact Liz directly on: 0772035943 or email:

For Osteopathy appointments with Liz, please follow this link! BOOK NOW.