Fast access to Hampshire's top orthopaedic consultnats

Hannah has established connections with local consultants after working in a private orthopaedic and sports injury rehab setting for 7 years. 


If you have an injury that needs further investigation we can choose the right specialist for you to help get an accurate diagnosis with imaging such as X-Rays & MRIs. This can ensure the correct management and get you back to your best as soon as possible! 


Here are some of the consultants we work with on regular basis: 


Mr. Niall Flynn - Knees

Mr. Duncan Watkinson - Upper Limb

Mr. Gareth Harper - Upper Limb

Dr. Mark Wotherspoon - Sports Medicine 

Mr. Ali Nader-Sepahi - Spinal and  Neuro

Mr. Billy Jowett - Ankles 

Mr. Andy Langdown - Hips 

Prof. David Warwick - Hands and wrists